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Rampf Tooling Solutions - epoxy en polyurethaanharsen, modelplaten en mallenpasta's.

RAMPF Tooling Solutions develops and produces board andliquid materials for cutting-edge modeling and mold engineering. As a technology driver and leader in quality, RAMPF Tooling Solutions offers:

  • A very large selection of board and liquid materials
  • Expert advice/service and fast technical support for projects
  • Made-to-measure products and services for Close Contour models such as pastes, large-volume/1:1 castings, and prototyping systems

- kurk kernmateriaal en blokmaterialen

CoreCork kurk logo Scabro 1

Het Portugese Amorim is de moedermaatschappij van CoreCork. Corecork is al jaren een rijzende ster in de composietenbranche: kurk is dankzij de formulaties van CoreCork van industriële constante kwaliteit en geschikt voor serieproduktie in hoogwaardige composiet produkten. Van 90 voets motorjachten tot kiteboards; talloze toepassingen verkrijgen voordelen met Corecork. Kijk eens op de pagina voor Corecork. CoreCork wordt in Nederland geïmporteerd en geleverd door Scabro sinds 2009.

Resoltech - geformuleerde epoxyharsen

In close to 20 years of innovation and passion, Resoltech and the team of resin specialists have formulated more than 500 systems for markets and prestigious manufacturers. Research for ultimate performance has allowed us to develop epoxy resins perfectly dilutable in water, less toxic, easy to use and flame retardant to over 1100°C for more than 30 minutes. Among our other services: assistance on site, calculation of structures, specific resin formulation and the simulation of infusion pieces.


Gerster Techtex - speciale koolstof en aramide weefsels, infusiegaas

Gerster Techtex logo Scabro 1Gerster is met 40M€ omzet per jaar één van de grotere vezel en textielfabrikanten van Europa. Sinds 2004 is er een aparte business unit voor de composietenmarkt opgericht. Wij leveren hun speciaal ontwikkelde unieke transportgaas voor vacuüminjectie en alle op klantspecifieke wensen leverbare produkten zoals koolstof band, spiraalband, hoekvezels en elastische en hybride kousen. Gerster Techtex wordt in de Benelux geïmporteerd en geleverd door Scabro.

SHD Composites - Tooling en componenten prepregs

HD Composite Materials Ltd, Leaders in Advanced Composite Prepreg Materials through Service, Quality and Innovation.Located in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, SHD Composite Materials Ltd a re at the leading edge of advanced composite technology offering a wide range of tooling and component prepregs suitable for autoclave, press and oven curing.

  • Leading edge advanced composite technology
  • Over 25 years experience in the manufacture of prepregs
  • Exceptional levels of service and flexibility
  • Manufacturing and Technical Centre with state-of-the-art Research and Development facilities
  • World class technical support

Lord Corporation - structurele epoxy, polyurethaan en methacrylaaylijmen

Lord Corporation logo Adhesives Scabro 1Lord is een Amerikaanse firma gevestigd in Cary en heeft sinds 1928 een uitstekende reputatie op het gebied van lijmen en coatings. Lord heeft haar 2700 medewerkers verspreid over 17 fabrieken en is actief in 90 landen. De business unit Structural Adhesives is bekend vanwege haar unieke gepatenteerde 2 componenten methacrylaten die worden toegepast in de Aerospace en Automotive. Lord wordt in de Benelux geïmporteerd en geleverd door Scabro.

CHT Bezema - Eén en twee komponenten siliconen

CHT Bezema is sinds haar oprichting in 1980 een expert op het gebied van siliconen. In 2002 werd de firma overgenomen en begon een onstuimige groei. In 2006 kocht Alpina de complete receptuur en know-how van Kömmerling siliconen en investeerde men in een geheel nieuw machinepark. Alpina heeft de modernste siliconenfabriek in Europa en heeft inmidels een aantal unieke en gepatenteerde siliconen systemen op haar naam staan.

Hexcel - multiaxial reinforcements

FORMAX is a leading global manufacturer of composite reinforcements, specialising in the production of lightweight carbon fibre multiaxials and highly engineered glass fibre and aramid fibres.

FORMAX's goal is to deliver materials of the highest quality, specifically tailored for each individual customers application. Through continuous investment in research and development, and new technology, and by a philosophy of working alongside each customer, we believe that we can continue to make our products lighter, stronger and more cost effective.

Solvay - Composite Process Consumables

Solvay’s (formarly known as Cytec, Umeco and in the old days Richmond Aerovac) new Global Business Unit Composite Materials is a global provider of technologically advanced light-weighting material solutions that enable our customers in the aerospace, automotive and other demanding industries to design, develop and efficiently manufacture high-quality, high-performance and complex composite structures. Composite Materials has the most extensive product portfolio, including prepregs, resin systems, adhesives and surfacing films, carbon fiber, textiles, tooling and vacuum bagging consumables, thanks to its leadership in advanced materials science, chemistry and application engineering. Solvay Composite Materials combines the former Cytec Aerospace Materials and Industrial Materials businesses.Scabro has the full range of consumables, vacuumfoils, sealer, bleeders, breathers and much more on stock.

Aircell - Structural PVC Core

Aircell HR - HTR is a partially cross-linked, structural cellular PVC foam, ideal for composite sandwich structures. Compatible with most systems; polyester, vinylester, phenolic or epoxy. Aircell can be processed at room temperatureor at any temperaturebelow 80ºC. Developed marine industry, windmills, transport and composite applications in general. Aircell can be supplied in different sheets, either rigid or flexible, adapted to different surface shapes. For series production, Aircell can also be supplied in kit form to reduce processing time and wastage.

Dolphitech - Composite Damage Inspection

Dolphitech produces the Dolphicam: a family of mobile and ergonomic ultrasound camera systems designed for NDT inspection of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics). A unique dry and wet transducer technology with high performance signaling electronics creates high-resolution 2D and 3D images of suspected damage areas to verify the status of the material, and helps manufacturing- and service personnel to perform effective QA and to develop the best repair strategy for a damage.