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Absorbent Stations

Safety first!

Veiligheids-station gratis geplaatst (U betaald alleen transportkosten) en gevuld met veiligheidsmaterialen die zijn afgestemd op uw situatie.

What are they?

Everyone agrees that Chemical Absorbents are a good idea and that they work. The problem is, if you can't locate your absorbents or your spill kits are empty you could end up with a major problem.

Having Absorbent Stations strategically placed around the workshop is the solution. Instantly you know where your absorbents are. Quite simply our unique Absorbent Station gives you peace of mind knowing that: All your absorbents, are in the right place, at the right time, all of the time.

What is the Managed System?

Stations are supplied to the customer on a free on loan* basis. Censol personnel replenish the stations weekly, fortnightly or monthly. An audit report is then sent to nominated personnel together with a invoice and graph showing the products used through each station together with cost.

Products in the Absorbent Station

The are numerous products that can be fit on the Absorbent Station and can become part of the managed system to be re-filled. These include:

Absorbent Pads
Absorbent Socks
Absorbent Rolls
Absorbent Booms
Absorbent Cushions
Spill Kits
Other Absorbents
Drain Protection
Non Woven Wipes
Low Linting Wipers
Wipemaster Wipes
Sontara Wipes
Wipemaster Wet Wipes
Wipe 2 Degreasing Wet Wipes
Wipe 9 IPA Wet Wipes
Wipemaster Wipes
Degreasing Wet Wipes
IPA Isopropyl Alcohol Wet Wipes

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