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Lantor Soric XF

The cost effective solution for closed mould processes is used as core material and infusion medium

A pressure stable polyester nonwoven which is compatible with all regular types of resins, including Polyester, Vinylester, Phenolic and Epoxy
Is suitable for closed mould processes, including Infusion, RTM Light, RTM Heavy

Marine: hulls, decks and structures of boats and yachts
Transportation: parts and panels of cars, trailers, trucks and RV’s
Mass transit: interior and exterior of trains, light rail and buses
Leisure: kayaks, surfboards, pools and tubs
Industrial: cladding panels, fans, containers and tanks
Wind Energy: nacelle covers and spinners

Lantor XF5
Dikte: 5mm
rollengte: 30m
rolbreedte: 127cm
Dikteverlies bij 0,8 bar: <10%
Max temperatuur: 170°C
Resin uptake: 2.4kg/m²
Droog gewicht: 320 g/m²
Soortelijk gewicht, wanneer geïmpregneerd: 600 kg/m3

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