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Carbon Quadraxiale legsels

Carbon (0/-45/90/+45) Quadaxials

Carbon Quadaxials are stitched together with fibres aligned in the 0º, -45º, 90º, and

+45º orientations. Fabrics range from 400gsm to 1600gsm, and are produced using a variety of different fibre types, from 3k through to 50k.
Customers are encouraged to specify their application so that we can modify the stitch structure in order to ensure that the fabrics we manufacture are appropriate for their process.


Type Gewicht (ca g/m²) Richting Breedte (mm) Carbon Code DNV
QUAD C 600 12k 0/-45/90/+45                600 0/-45/90/+45 tot 2540 12k 228
QUAD C 800 12k 0/-45/90/+45 800 0/-45/90/+45 tot 2540 12k 144
QUAD C 1200 24k 0/-45/90/+45 1200 0/-45/90/+45 tot 2540 12k 585
QUAD C 1600 24k 0/-45/90/+45 1600 0/-45/90/+45 tot 2540 24k 190
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