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Why Kitting?

In composite part manufacturing processes, significant time is spent by operatives tailoring materials to fit the mould tool. This can range from prepregs right
through to the range of process consumables typically required for cure of the part. The tailoring process itself can lead to process inconsistency and associated quality variability.

Cytec has long recognised the need for risk-reduction in complex, expensive part processing and offers customised solutions to meet these challenges. Cytec Process Materials is the global industry leader in all aspects of kitted process materials and we extend this service to include prepregs for the ultimate “part in a bag” concept – everything that is needed to manufacture a part.

Why Cytec
Cytec materials businesses supply process consumables, advanced composite materials and composite tooling to customers for all aerospace and industrial applications. We recognise the need for high quality, complementary products and services that are tailored to meet our customer requirements. To fulfil this need, the businesses draw on and apply one of their major strengths – strong customer focus, where application engineering, knowledge transfer, customer-
led innovations and flexibility are key principles. Our Process Materials kitting service fits perfectly within this strategy, delivering high-value, tailored products in a timely manner, right to your production line.

Cytec Offers
Our kitting service encompasses the pre-cutting of consumables to simple predetermined shapes and dimensions, right through to the assembly of complex multi-layer integrated vacuum bag assemblies, and is offered as an alternative to customers having to prepare and cut their own consumables,
leaving them to focus on their core tasks and competencies. We offer a tailored, adaptable, global service which can be developed to match individual customer requirements where ever they are based globally. Customers typically supply their CAD or tool form data and have access to highly-skilled engineers who routinely design complex, tailored kits and bag assemblies to simplify the manufacturing process for composite structures, regardless of
their size and quantity. The design and prototyping process includes all aspects from individual layer profile definition right through to the design of customised packaging for safe delivery of a complex bagging assembly direct to line if necessary. Once the kits are fully designed and supplied to customer requirements, we follow up with an unrivalled, worldwide customer support service. We ensure that customers make the most of our products, their unique properties, and can then focus on their core composites manufacturing business. Our customer-focused kitting service offers many
benefits, including:

• Improved and simplified inventory control
• Reduced materials waste
• Production time savings
• Improved manufacturing time

Reasons for choosing our kitting services:
• Flexible: Different levels of service to accommodate a diverse range of industry requirements
• Cost-effective: Can reduce touch-labour cost by more than 50% and materials waste by an average of 40%
• Efficient operator practice: Operator motion reduced due to assembly-line stock and storage, reducing manufacturing time by more than 50%
• Improvement in quality: Part and process quality improved through production process standardization
• Additional benefits: Increased productivity, standardized working – leading to better quality laminates, and health and safety improvements through reduced handling.

Kit Portfolio

Cytec offers a range of kitting solution to meet the needs of our customers:

Basic Kits (high volume, low complexity)
• Slit width materials customised to customer need
• Perforated release films
• Customised bagging film widths

Intermediate kits
• Packs of simple cut shapes
• Part sealed envelope bags

Materials combinations
• Combinations of process materials typically assembled together and pre-shaped to reduce lay-up time and positioning

Fully customized kits
• Fully tailored, part specific cut shapes of all materials combinations including bagging film, release film, peel ply, breather, sealant tape, infusion media etc
• Materials can be directly part-marked or poly-bagged and part-marked
• Pre-shaped vacuum bags designed to perfectly fit complex part assemblies (eg use of pre-cured stringers/ribs to be co-cured to prepreg skins)
• Seamed vacuum blankets for the manufacture of very large parts
• Can be combined with reusable vacuum bags
In addition to these process materials focussed services, prepregs can also be kitted to suit customer need resulting in supply of preshaped, part-marked prepreg plies plus all the preshaped consumables required to complete the curing process. A complete part build in a part-marked kit bag – clean, efficient and quality guaranteed. Technology beyond our customer’s imagination! These kits are put together from the wide range of vacuum bagging consumables manufactured and supplied by Cytec Process Materials. These are carefully selected to match the application requirements.

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