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Silicone tools

Cytec is an international leading manufacturer of reusable vacuum systems, boasting manufacturing techniques and sealing systems that are amongst the most advanced in the industry.

Reusable membranes for high temperature autoclave applications, offering:
• Increased productivity and reduced operating costs and minimal product waste.
• Simplicity of use – membranes can be applied to the most complex forms, allowing high volume production of good quality parts.
• Reliability – robust membranes eliminate the risk of tearing during curing.

Heated membranes
(flat mats and vacuuming membranes) for on-site repairs:
• can be moulded to the shape of the work piece
• fitted with a frame or a ceiling skirt, they provide vacuum integrity without the need for consumables

IMS (Infusion Membrane Silicone) membranes
. Flexible, elastic and moulded to the precise form of the part, they incorporate the required resin feed networks, thus improving the infusion process. Benefits are:
• No need for films, i.e. savings in purchasing, cutting and recycling
• Instant sealing so no resin leakage during infusion
  Smooth interior surface to the infused part
• Suitable for counter-tools
• Easy to implement
• Readily repaired and/or modified

used for compaction problems on parts with complex angular or concave features, where resin accumulation is prevalent:
• Transmit vacuum bag pressure to localised, detailed areas on the part.
• Manufactured from silicone and fibrous carbon/epoxy reinforcements, intensifiers provide a high level of
rigidity and dimensional stability.
• Seal systems are fitted on the elastomeric tools for vacuum integrity. These accommodate complex shapes.

Why Silicone Tools?
• Increase Efficiency & Reliability
• Savings labour hours
• Optimising material flow
• Improve process consistency
• Improve part quality
• Cost saving

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