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Ideally suited to a wide range of composite processing applications

White, lightweight nylon peel ply, which strips cleanly and quickly from most commercial resin systems, working up to 400°F (204°C).

  • Weight:58g/m²
  • Maximum temperature: 204°C
  • Standard width 1.47m, 58 inch
  • Standard length 100m, 109yd

Heat set and scoured, for use directly against laminates or bond lines, particularly where secondary bonding, painting or finishing is required.

Imparts a fine weave pattern upon removal from the laminate.

Strips cleanly and quickly from most commercial resin systems.

Available coated and noncoated depending on user requirement.

Recommended for composite manufacture and metal bonding applications.

CYTEC does not recommend the use of woven nylon fabrics with phenolic resin or prepreg systems as acid in the catalyst can break down nylon materials. Therefore, we recommend -09=80654631

that customers conduct their own internal compatibility tests

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