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Lord® 3170 is an equal-mix, two-component, modified epoxy structural adhesive system. Lord 3170 is used to bond metals, glass, reinforced plastics, ceramics and foam materials.

Features and Benefits High Strength in Cold Environments - provides strength to applications where the bonded assembly will be exposed to cryogenic temperatures. Outgassing Requirements - suitable for aerospace service. Outgassing is minimal.

Surface Preparation Remove all contamination and loose particles from surfaces to be bonded. Promptly following the surface preparation, complete the adhesive application and component assembly. Etch aluminum alloys with a sodium dichromate-sulfuric acid to obtain optimum mechanical strength.

Mixing Mix equal parts of the two components, by volume, until appearance is uniform. Mix on more than 450 grams of combined adhesive at one time. Application Apply Lord 3170 adhesive at 50.8 - 76.2 microns (2 - 3 mils) onto both surfaces with a trowel or squeegee. When bonding foam insulation materials to solid substrates, apply the mixed adhesive 254 microns (10 mils thick). Clamp assembly while adhesive is curing.       

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