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LORD® Engineered Adhesives
For Armor Bonding

LORD® Engineered Adhesives provide unique, value- added properties when joining armor layers such as aluminum, steel, ceramics and fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRPs). Our structural adhesives add strength and durability to resist munitions and blast effects; are stronger than traditional polysulfide sealants used to bond armor; and, they build equipment faster with reduced production time delivering lower costs.

Features & Benefits
When compared to other joining methods, LORD structural adhesives for armor bonding provide significant benefits, including:

Improve Ballistic/Blast Protection – Bond layers of materials together to form one, unified piece, which is stronger and more resilient than the components.

Maintain Integrity – Polymer welding does not
change material properties like heat from thermal welding or cold working effects from mechanical fasteners and their design limitations.

Faster Cure – Rapid room-temperature cure lowers cycle time to increase production resulting in lower assembly costs.

Lighter Weight – Remove or reduce the use of heavy metals with the advanced materials and mechanical fasteners giving higher strength and lower weight.

Lower Odor – Eliminates foul, sulfur odor associated with polysulfide sealants.

No Mess – Applies without all the mess of polysulfide sealants; shortens clean-up time.

LORD acrylic adhesives used in armor applications bond together ceramics, composites and metals forming a unified structure capable of withstanding stringent ballistics testing.


LORD adhesives are battlefield-tested and proven for more than 20 years. Current uses include:

  • Ballistic shields;
    • Multi-purpose light vehicles;
    • Heavy armored vehicles;
    • Armored personnel vehicles;
    • Armored military construction equipment;
    • Armored military transports;
    • Laminated armor panels; and
    • Personal armor.

  • Proven Performance
    When LORD adhesive-bonded armor panels were tested against polysulfide sealant-bonded armor panels, the LORD panels stopped .50 caliber rounds fired from 100 yards away. Panels bonded with the sealant failed and did not stop the rounds.


    Unsurpassed Military Experience When it comes to military applications, LORD has bonded armoring solutions on military vehicles in the field and in the line of fire today. Our expertise dates back to World War II when LORD mounts protected aircraft instruments from vibration. LORD introduced
    elastomeric rotor bearings enabling helicopters to stay in the air three times longer than traditional bearings. LORD Magneto-Rheological (MR) fluid technology, which allows systems to respond instantly and controllably to varying levels of vibration, shock or motion, has recently been used in military suspension systems. And, our propeller balancers will be used on the U.S. Air Force’s C-130 transport aircraft in the near future.