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Koolstof mat - recycled

Chopped fibre, random orientation, isotropic mat for low cost tooling and cost effective bulking for laminates. Verkrijgbaar vanaf september 2016

Carbiso™ M is available in standard areal weights and widths.

Random length and orientation chopped carbon fibres are fibres with a nominal fibre length of 6-60mm.

  • When combined with a polymer, carbon fibres offer increased mechanical reinforcement and an increase in modulus.
  • Mat can be pre impregnated with resin, or used in infusion and RTM processes.
  • Carbon fibre mat material can be a cost effective, isotropic alternative to woven carbon fibre materials.
  • The unsized fibres are compatible with most thermoset and thermoplastic matrix systems.
  • Areal Weight of 200gsm, 400gsm and 600gsm. Other weights can be produced if required.
  • Thermoplastic fibres can be added to aid handling or to suit a particular manufacturing process up to 50%+ if required.

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